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My name is Jen and Lotus Blossom Energetics is my healing practice.  I believe in a holistic approach to healing.  Western medicine and complementary therapies can work hand-in-hand.  We are so much more than our physical bodies and treating symptoms instead of root causes is leading to greater health issues for many of us.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We are light, energy, frequency.  We are emotional and spiritual and physical.  We must learn to care for ourselves on all levels. 
My chosen healing modalities are Reiki and BodyTalk.  Reiki is a very, gentle, light-filled, intuitive Japanese form of healing energy.  It creates a deep relaxation and a very gentle, yet profound integration of healing energies to create balance and harmony on all levels.  BodyTalk is the more cerebral counterpart to Reiki, in a manner of speaking.  There is a system to follow, with a very simple form of kinesiology to establish a yes/no connection, which helps guide me to exactly what your body wishes to balance and in what order. Your body's own innate healing intelligence is responsible for directing your healing session.  During a healing session, these two modalities are blended seamlessly in whatever way will benefit you most. 
We all need balance in our lives.  If you've been guided to this site, I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have to the very best of my ability.  Helping people to heal on all levels is my joy and my honor.  Please scroll down for information about my services or to contact me with questions.  Services are now available in person at The Sage Center in Beaverton, Oregon and Resonate Health Spa in Newberg, Oregon.  You may book through this site for distance sessions.


My Treatments

A Unique Approach

Each body holds the key to its own healing. As a Alternative Healer, I provide the treatments, resources, and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. I work to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover what will help you lead a healthier and more relaxed life. You can live the life you want, and as your Alternative Healer, I’m here to support you along the way.

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Reiki and BodyTalk Distance Sessions

Energetic healing works beautifully whether you receive it in-person or via distance.  Everything is energy and intent.   

My sessions incorporate both healing modalities in the way that your body requests.  Sometimes we will begin with Reiki and flow into BodyTalk.  Other times we may begin with BodyTalk and flow into Reiki.  Your individual needs create the session that will be perfect for you.

Distance Sessions are available to book through this website.  Initial sessions require a phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom so we can meet and I can answer any questions for you before your first session.  We choose a time and I ask that you have a quiet place free of interruption for the duration of your session.  After the session, another phone call or meeting to answer any follow up questions and for me to provide a summary of the session is helpful.  I can also email a summary upon request.  

If it is impossible for you to carve out the time to relax during your scheduled session, rest assured that it will still work!  You can go about your day and still receive a session, however,  you may notice the energetic shifts taking place.  This is all a matter of your preference.  

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In Person Reiki/BodyTalk Sessions

In person sessions are available in two Oregon locations, Beaverton and Newberg.  Beaverton sessions will take place at the Sage Center for Health and Healing and sessions can be booked via my website.  

Newberg sessions will take place at Resonate Health Spa.  Please visit

to schedule in person sessions at Resonate Health Spa in Newberg at this time.  You may need to copy and paste the address in your browser.  

You may also send me an email with your preferred days and times and I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.  

Gift Cards are available for use toward in person sessions at the Sage Center (Beaverton, OR location) and distance sessions.  To purchase gift cards for the Newberg Location at Resonate Health Spa, please visit the resonate link above. 


"Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well being, well being is freedom from disease."

Dr. Mikao Usui



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